Get Involved

Tell your story with the Oral History Project!

The archives is collecting oral histories from all over the hospital.  We want to talk to anyone — doctors, nurses, administrators, patients, staff — who has a story to tell about ZSFG and its impact on their lives.  You can be a part of ZSFG’s history!



Donate materials!

The archives is soliciting materials from all over SFGH in order to build our collections and create a full, rich historical record of the hospital.  Records to be collected are those that are no longer in use but that have ongoing historical, administrative, legal, or financial value.  The archives is also soliciting the personal and professional papers of some medical professionals, administrators, and/or professors associated with the hospital.

Examples of records to be collected include annual reports, research project reports, ephemera and memorabilia, and committee meeting minutes and reports.  We’ll even accept some artifacts that are closely tied to SFGH’s history.  If it records what SFGH has done, keeps track of the hospital’s accomplishments and achievements, or describes the people of SFGH, we want it!

For more information about what we collect, see our Collection Development Policy.


Contact the archivist for more information.

Griffin Burgess, SFGH Archivist

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